About us
About us

The new generation of e-cigarettes

The new generation of e-cigarettes is a one-time vape, which in 2021 is the biggest hit on the market. The disposable electronic cigarette guarantees an easy-to-use experience.

This product is for anyone looking for a wide range of flavours and ease of use.

  • No need to charge
  • No need to add flavour
  • No need to change the battery
  • No need to worry about broken cables
  • It won’t break if you forget to turn it off

So how does it work?

You simply unpack from the vacuum pack and you can smoke right away.

Our goal with smokingdis is to build a platform where there is a wide range of disposable cigarettes, ie more brands, more flavors, many different products, where each client will find the ideal product that suits both appearance and taste. That is why our first product is HQD, where there is a perfect combination of design and quality taste. This trend will not stop and has a growing tendency, similar products will be dominant in the market.


HQD focuses on the research and development of disposable electronic cigarettes, breaking into the global international brand status. HQD is the brand that focuses on the perspective of user experience, pays attention to safety, and comfortability of the product. HQD has a team of thousands of people that focuses on Research & Development and sales to build a professional service system.

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